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  Ty Kotz

"We haven't stopped talking about the entire experience!! A life changer for sure. Can't wait to do it again sometime!"



- Drs. Sam and Leslie Lynch

- Danny Meyer

  World Renowned Restauranteur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, NYC

"I have known Ty for the past 17 years, he was an integral part of my team and was a leader focused on training and teaching all our cooks. He is passionate, meticulous and detail oriented."                                             

 - Floyd Cardoz 

5 Time nominated Best Chef New York City, James Beard Foundation        

  Ty Kotz

"We haven't stopped talking about the entire experience!! A life changer for sure. Can't wait to do it again sometime!"



- Drs. Sam and Leslie Lynch

"The food and the presentation were exraordinary and simply delicious.  What a treasure you found in the Chef - we didn't just eat but delighted in every offering as a celebration of his talents.   He obviously loves what he does.  It was so enjoyable to be with good friends for such a unique occasion."                                           

 - Anne Register

"What an incredible experience!  Chef Ty transformed our simple kitchen into an interactive culinary school where my husband was able to feel like he was behind-the-scenes at our favorite Indian restaurant learning to cook our favorite dish using local ingredients.   Ty is an amazing teacher and Chef who is so humble and down-to-earth for someone with so much experience and talent.   We constantly use the tips and tricks he used, from blooming the spices to sharpening our knives.   I cannot recommend enough."



Nikki Seibert 

"While visiting Charleston, Chef Ty was a phenomenal part of our week-end.  He was flexible, creative and is an unbelievably talented Chef.  The food was beyond delicious and he taught us all evening about the food techniques, sourcing and he was also really fun to be around.  Would highly recommend Chef Ty and will use him again if the need ever arises!!



- Debbie Lafond

"Ty passionately cooks with three fundamental ingredients: his head, his hand, and most importantly, his heart. I’ve had the privilege of being a front row observer for many years, as Ty has brought joy to countless guests and colleagues alike."



- Danny Meyer

  World Renowned Restaurateur and CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, NYC


"I have known Ty for the past 17 years, he was an integral part of my team and was a leader focused on training and teaching all our cooks. He is passionate, meticulous and detail oriented."                                             

 - Floyd Cardoz 

5 Time nominated Best Chef New York City, James Beard Foundation        


At the age of fifteen, I began learning to cook from critically acclaimed chef Ali Barker.  Upon graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, I moved to Manhattan where I worked under the chefs of renowned restaurants, Oceana, Cello, ILO and Danny Meyer's Tabla. During this time, I advanced my skills alongside culinary master Floyd Cardoz, appearing on "Iron Chef America" in 2008. Later, in 2011, I again competed alongside Chef Cardoz on "Top Chef America," where we won $100,000 for the Young Science Foundation for cancer research.  Working with Floyd for nearly a decade also gave me a knowledge and a deep love of indian inspired cuisines.  In 2012, I was chosen by master chef Tom Colicchio to open Topping Rose House in Bridgehampton, New York.  Here, my team and I received many awards and accolades for its Long Island, farm-to-table cuisine.  


In 2014, I relocated with my wife and daughter to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where we fell in love with everything lowcountry.   Choosing Charleston was easy; the area is known as a food mecca, and airs some of the best cuisine in the country.   The sense of place and identity is something that can't be found in other cities.  Since arriving, I have been spending time with farmers and purveyors of local food, fisherman and like-minded individuals.  Sourcing and growing local ingredients have always been passions of mine, and is largely where the inspiration for my food comes.  My ideal menu is derived from ingredients that I can source locally at any given time.   My passion for teaching has led me to this unique concept, and I'd like to offer my 25 years of cooking experience to those wanting to learn more about cooking in the comfort of their own home.    



"Ty Kotz, a private Chef who moved to Mount Pleasant after launching his career in Manhattan and Hamptons kitchens"

                                                                                                 - Post and Courier, January 2020 

"Mostly, though, it seemed like Kotz, his clients, and their guests were exhilarated by the format, which instantly solves every problem posed by restaurants"

                                                                                                 - Post and Courier, May 2018 

"Handpicked by Tom Colicchio to open a twenty million dollar Bridgehampton restaurant that has been under development for eight years, Kotz is in the culinary spotlight like never before." 

- Long Island Pulse, August 2013

"Naturally, it turns out that Kotz began life as a farm boy.  He spent his early years in rural PA.  His mother instilled in him an appreciation for fresh ingredients and good cooking." 

- Dan's Hamptons, November 2012

"Installed the talented Ty Kotz from the well-regarded Tabla in Manhattan as his everyday chef."

- Long Island Pulse, April 2013

"Kotz is passionate about farm-to-table food, just like Tom Colicchio..."

- Hamptons Magazine, June 2013

"I tasted the scallops raw," Chef Ty Kotz says.  "They were still alive when I got them."

                                                                                                            - Beach Magazine, June 2013






Smaller Groups 

 $125 per person


Larger Gatherings

$1000 plus $35 per person




*Fees are based on preparation time, travel, selective shopping and all on site work.  I typically spend 40 to 50 hours on any one event.  Fee does not include cost of ingredients or beverages.  

$750 minimum 


The Interactive Dinner Experience

My most requested service is to prepare a family style meal in your home so that you can see the entire process.  Guests may participate if they wish and interact with me as much or as little as they want.  I will work with you before hand to determine the menu centered around you and your group.  This experience provides a more casual setting and allows you to entertain your family or guests in a totally unique way.  My goal is to not just cook for you, but to provide you with a truly one of a kind unique experience that only I can deliver. 

How does it work? 

Reach out via email or phone, and I'll answer any questions you have about the process.  After discussing the details of the event (number of participants, dates, ideas, seasonal ingredients, etc.), we will arrange a time to meet at your home. This can also be done over the phone and via rental agency pictures etc., if a home visit is not an option.  I will survey your kitchen, see what will be needed, and we will make a plan and book the date.  The days leading up to your event I do all the shopping, traveling and prepping.  The day of, I arrive at your home before your guests to set up and the experience begins.  After dinner I handle clean up, unless agreed otherwise.  











Interactive cooking classes with me

In a nutshell, it's a fun learning experience, and something different to do with friends and family.  I feel that I hear all the time that, 'Oh I love that, but I wish I knew how to cook it!' Take your favorite fish for example.  That's where I come in.  What's unique about this experience is that you have a culinary professional teaching you techniques in your home.  Your kitchen.  Your pots and pans.  I have found that when people attend a standard cooking class, they don’t’ always take away enough knowledge to replicate the results at home.  We tend to overlook the fact that learning to cook in a foreign kitchen doesn't translate well to the home.  My thoughts are to not only teach you how to make a dish, but to give you techniques and skills that are applicable to a multitude of dishes.   The benefit is that you have an experienced chef standing in your kitchen with you, and we will work together to create dishes and/or a meal, and we'll have fun doing it!  I'll answer all of your questions, we can share experiences , and I'll teach you how to use your taste buds as a cooking tool.  

Examples of techniques: knife sharpening, fish cookery, braising, roasting, pan searing, preparing vegetables, fresh pasta, sauces, soups, salads, gluten free cooking, building a basic pantry list, shopping for ingredients


Other ways to Use My Skills 

  • I can help you organize your kitchen and outfit it with equipment that you will really use and need.   I can help you declutter all those knick knacks, random spice packets and gadgets that you never use.  I will then work with you to reorganize your kitchen in a way that flows and better suits your needs and style.  Streamlining your kitchen makes cooking more enjoyable and gives the whole process a more natural feel, just as a clean, organized home makes you feel more welcome.  *Pricing is based on an hourly rate. 

  • Don't live in Charleston, but still want to experience my cooking or services?   I'm happy to travel and source ingredients and items in your area.  * Travel and lodging costs not included in price 

  • Know somebody who is getting married and is about to register for a bunch of items they will never use?  I can help.  I can't tell you how many times I've talked to people that have said "I wish I talked to you before I registered".   We get caught up in the "hype" of what we think we need and not what we will actually use.  I can work with you to figure out what you truly "need" without spending unnecessary money on items you will never use.  You don't need the most expensive knives to cook great, but choosing the right ones are important.  * pricing based on an hourly rate

  • Need advice?  I've worn many hats and have been a part of all facets of the commercial restaurant business, from construction, kitchen design, purchasing, team building, and all things culinary.   I also have experience in residential kitchens and love helping people design kitchens that are both practical and functional.   I've collaborated with architects and designers to add practicality and sensibility to their designs. Chefs and cooks that use their home kitchens often have different wants and needs than what most kitchen designers plan for.  *Pricing is based on an hourly rate.