Local, Local, Local

It has always been my passion to seek out all things local wherever I am. Charleston has so much to offer. I have had a lot of fun finding so many awesome ingredients here in the Lowcountry. We have it all. We are blessed by almost two full growing seasons in the Spring and all. We have great dairies and egg farmers. Grains, nuts and honey. All types of seafood ( Abundant Seafood) from Fish and Shrimp ( Tarvin Seafood Company www.misspaulashrimp.com) to Soft-shell crabs in season right now for a short time (

Check out Hiser Sea Farms for those www.hiserseafarms.com). I could go on and on, but my point is that its all here. Problem I'm seeing is that it needs support to be sustained. Buy local is my pitch, and a great way to do that is to check out SILO. Sea Island Local Outlet. I have been volunteering with them since I moved here and it is a great way to see how much is available locally and a great way to get it all in one spot. You order online from Monday through Wednesday and pick it up all at once on Thursday. www.silo-charleston.com . Great thing is that farmers set their own prices, and it is not meant to compete with anyone, especially farmers markets. It is another way to help farmers get their products to consumers. Check it out.

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